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We aim to bring the wider Industrial Hemp community together, while maintaining a focus on Canadian Made products. We list those involved in all aspects of the value chain for various high value products, from Bast, to Hurd, and even Microfiber.

If you weren’t aware of the benefits of Industrial Hemp, we hope that you take some time to understand the advantages of this super crop. Its uses seem to be endless, and as the industry develops the non-CBD applications of this plant, its potential is becoming realized on a commercial scale. From automobile parts, to animal bedding, and everything in between, it provides diverse sustainable solutions to create a healthier planet. Check out our ‘Industry Information’ page to learn more about the uses of this plant.

Please take a second to understand some of the aspects of our site we feel can help you navigate the Industrial Hemp space. We offer open access to Hemp Related News, Events, and government contact information among other resources. These are industry focused and Canadian focused pages that will help educate you on some of the frameworks surrounding the plant.

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Our vision can be summed up in four major points as seen below. We have created these goals with Canadian’s in mind – and the promotion of Canadian made goods at the forefront of our

  • Canadian Focused Promoting Canadian goods in the domestic and international marketplace.

  • Innovation – Innovating to move to higher value-added products and more efficient, more flexible and lower-cost manufacturing processes. This includes moving aggressively to build the capacity of Canadian firms in areas such as product development, sourcing, marketing, and supply-chain management.

  • Promotion – Identifying niche production and marketing opportunities for our firms.
  • Exportation Identifying and accessing new export markets, as well as promoting increased sales with our largest trade partner, the United States.


Our mission is two-pronged, the first is to stimulate positive economic growth in the Industrial Hemp sector, with a focus on Canada. As Canada has a reputation on the global stage as maintaining the most strict and rigorous standards, Canadian success is seen as global standards.

The second portion to our mission revolves around promoting, advocating for, and innovating with Industrial Hemp as a sustainable alternative to common industry materials. 

Promoting education on the Industrial Hemp plant and diffusing any preconceived notions about the plant will allow for more accepting attitudes towards industrial applications. Furthermore, giving Canadian businesses a chance to thrive on the global stage will not only stimulate economic growth, but foster an environment of agricultural expertise on the subject.

Our commitment is to always promote Industrial Hemp where it can be used, viably. It is important to understand that if the plant end-use does not make business sense, research needs to be undertaken in order to make it feasible. Its economic success is dependent on innovation in the cultivation and processing of the plant, and lowering costs in both these areas through technological advancement is key.

We maintain a promise to constantly promote Industrial Hemp in a responsible way, and foster industry growth in acceptable ways. Integrity and diligence in our work are the traits that guide this venture, and we hope to be able to bring value to all our members.

Our core values are based on the responsible promotion of the Industrial Hemp sector. While our focus is on Canada and the growth of this industry within our borders, we would like to see Industrial Hemp and all its applications flourish and become widely recognized globally. We also will always stand up for actual facts, rather than false information spread surrounding Industrial Hemp.




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