Wanting to make a sustainable change in your wardrobe? Consider hemp clothing!

Not only is hemp clothing breathable[1], UV resistant, and naturally anti-bacterial[2], its cultivation is carbon-negative, and during the growing phase the plant requires little water compared to cotton, and no pesticides[1]. It’s a win-win for both the consumer and the planet.

While hemp is still a niche fabric, hemp clothing doesn’t have to be from niche brands. Many major players in the fashion industry are realizing hemp’s immense potential and capitalizing on it. Industry experts have said they could see hemp fully replacing cotton in the future. This means consumers don’t have to choose between being fashionable and making choices that are good for the environment.

For those looking to make their wardrobe more sustainable while still being fashion-forward, here is a short list of major fashion brands using hemp fabric.

Levi's Hemp Jeans on HempFederation

1. Levi Strauss & Co.

While it’s commonly believed that Levi’s very first pair of jeans contained hemp, this is actually false. Nevertheless, they do carry hemp clothing as of 2019 with their cottonized hemp, which is hemp fabric engineered specifically to look and feel exactly like cotton. Whether blended with denim or on its own, consumers get everything cotton can offer in a garment with an additional sustainable element. Shop Levi’s cottonized hemp clothing here.

Patagonia on HempFederation

2. Patagonia Inc.

Patagonia, as an outdoor clothing brand, has always been very environmentally conscious, so it’s no surprise that they too have started to include hemp in their designs. As of this year, 68 of Patagonia’s product styles are made with hemp, and hopefully that number will continue to rise in the coming years. Shop Patagonia’s hemp line here.

3. H&M

H&M boasts a line of eco-friendly clothing called H&M Conscious, whose pieces are made from at least 50 percent sustainably sourced materials, of which hemp is included. In January, H&M also partnered with the denim brand Lee to produce an eco-friendly denim line, several pieces of which contain hemp. Shop H&M Conscious here, and Lee x H&M here.

Toad&Co. on Hemp Federation
4. Toad&Co.

A socially and environmentally conscious brand, Toad & Co has an impressive selection of hemp clothing for both men and women. As well, their website provides resources and education about hemp for the curious consumer, so you can make an informed purchase. Shop Toad & Co’s hemp clothing here.

5. Jungmaven

Since Jungmaven’s inception in the ’90s, this brand has been passionate about hemp as a solution to the fashion industry’s environmental destruction and as a fashionable fabric. Each piece from them is crafted from hemp, including their home goods and accessories. Shop Jungmaven here.

Keep an eye out for other sustainable brands and let us know what you find! Also, feel free to peruse our directory to find small businesses that also produce hemp clothing! Keep in mind you must be a member to access the directory and our other great resources, but it is completely free!


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