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The CANAPAinMOSTRA organization is happy to present you  “CANAPAinMOSTRA” : International exhibit of industrial and medical hemp.

The hemp, known and used everywhere in the world, is the subject of a renewed social and economic interest nowadays.
We propose the hemp as an ecological resource in the agrarian, energetic, medical, recreational, textile, paper and bioconstruction industry, and in every other aspect and possible use, trying to demolish the socio-cultural preconception that goes against his real and massive re-introduction in the Italian context.
There are a lot of possible uses for this plant, but with the progress of technology and of scientific discoveries, they could be unlimited, furthermore the incessant request of new eco-friendly technologies asks for new researches on this adaptable material.
The purpose of the organization is to let people and institutions know about the potentialities of the hemp, and to restore the old tradition that links our country to the hemp, specifically the region called Campania, trying to bring togheter workers, experts, enthusiastics and whoever is intrigued by this rising and growing industry, allowing them to grow and to exchange knowledges.

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